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NORM Services

NORM Services is the recognized leader in the NORM management profession. Our team of professionals are the best in the business. NORM Services understands the unique issues and challenges surrounding the management of radioactive materials in water treatment and oil and gas operations.

Working with some of the largest municipalities and oil and gas corporations in the world we have the experience, qualifications and expert staff to properly implement any project. NORM Services sets the standard for radiation management. We deliver cost-effective solutions that are regulatory-compliant which is essential in the protection of your corporate liability, workers, members of the public and the environment.

NORM Services

  • Radiological Surveys
  • Site Characterization
  • Facility Cleanup and Decommissioning
  • Remedial Actions
  • Sampling and Analysis
  • Spill Response
  • NORM Project Management

Transportation & Disposal

  • Filer Media and Filters
  • Regulatory-Compliant Transportation Services
  • Water Treatment Residuals
  • Oilfield Equipment, Debris and Pipe
  • Disposal Waste Acceptance
  • Approved Disposal Facilities
  • Disposal Facility Radiological Program Development and Compliance Audits

Regulatory Assistance

  • Radiological Management Plan Development and Implementation
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Licensing and Regulatory Program Assistance
  • NORM Program Development
  • Radiation Experts

NORM Health & Safety

  • Dosimetry Program Development and Implementation
  • Radiation Air Monitoring
  • Radiation Program Compliance Audits
  • NORM Awareness Training
  • Radiological Program Development and Implementation
  • NORM Health and Safety Programs