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About Norm Services


NORM Services was founded on the principals of customer service, integrity, employee fulfillment and environmental sustainability. We take it seriously. We take it personally. We attribute our success to our people. Each NORM Services employee was hand-picked because they possess, not only a high level of expertise and a broad range of experience, but also because they embrace our values and operating principals.


We all live our values and operating principles – every day, in every task and interaction.



“We focus on quantifying environmental issues in business terms and reducing the financial risk and environmental impact with our clients. We do things one way – the right way.”
Robert Krumberger, President and CEO of NORM Services



NORM Services’ mission is to give our clients the capability of cost-effectively protecting their workers, their facility, the public and the environment from any adverse effects associated with naturally-occurring radioactivity. NORM Services will continue to provide industry-leading, radiological, environmental, health, and safety solutions with a dedication to outstanding customer service by building a culture that attracts, develops, and rewards talented people who share our values and operating principals.


Marked by an outlook of growth and prosperity, NORM Services has a vision that reflects quality, humility, and longevity.

• We will grow at a responsible rate to support our existing staff and clients to allow for long term success
• We will provide innovative solutions to clients across the country and internationally
• We will strive to provide all resources needed to meet client needs
• We will provide employees with high level compensation packages
• We will foster a culture that supports our mission
• We will let our values and operating principles guide our interactions.


Our corporate values are the integral part of our business. NORM Services is dedicated to our core values with the primary focus on our clients, employees and the members of the public that we strive to protect. Our values include:

• Commitment to our families
• Be open Honest and Direct
• Honesty, Respect, Compassion and Trust
• Commitment to Excellence
• Listen to Learn
• Contribution and Accountability
• Foster Teamwork
• Demonstrate Integrity and Pride
• Live Your Personal Values
• Enjoyment


NORM Services executes its mission by consistently applying the following actions on every project:

• Developing a sound technical plan for every activity to be performed
• Identifying each activity’s technical plan in easy to understand and implement procedures
• Making sure that our clients have a thorough understanding of the proposed plan of action sot that it will be effectively and uniformly implemented
• Implementing the identified plan of action on behalf of our clients in a cost-effective manner that is compliant with regulatory requirements
• Communicating all costs, schedules and proposed work for each task before the work begins
• Standing by all pre-approved schedules and unit rate costs

The deliverables for each project plan may change based on site conditions, but following our mission allows NORM Services to deliver our clients the same three products – Confidence, Satisfaction and Security.


Companies who work with radioactivity want to protect their employees and comply with all applicable regulatory requirements. Because of our experience and our understanding of the regulatory process, NORM Services is able to provide our clients with the confidence that these actions are being achieved. We help by establishing technically- and experience-based solutions that address all aspects of the environmental problem. Regulatory agencies appreciate our transparent approach to problem solving because it always results in a rigorous and documented means of meeting applicable requirements. NORM Services’ technically-based solutions give our clients a firm foundation for addressing current as well as future employee concerns. As a result, our clients, their employees, members of the public and the regulatory agencies gain confidence that NORM issues are managed safely thus reducing your short- and long-term liabilities.


There are many ways of solving problems associated with NORM and other forms of radioactivity. Very few of these are truly cost-effective, and even fewer are consistent with the company’s business objectives. NORM Services not only offers and in-depth knowledge of NORM issues, but our experience in working with a wide variety of industries, and solving a highly diverse list of radiological issues means that we have the resources and proven technologies to assist our clients in a regulatory compliant and cost effective manner. These services, which have served the test of time and regulatory/legal scrutiny are used to address our client’s needs, thus minimizing unnecessary and costly work. NORM Services offers solutions that are customized to be consistent with our corporate mission and the needs of our clients. The results insure that costs are maintained at a practical minimum, and our clients have the satisfaction of knowing that each hard earned dollar they spent on addressing their NORM issue was spent prudently.


Invariably, our clients that have a potential NORM issue face new challenges for which sometime they are not prepared for the complexity of the issues involved. Examples might be a new regulation, an off-normal event, public scrutiny, potential employee exposures or an environmental release. It may even be a lawsuit filed by an employee, a regulatory body, a member of the public, a customer or an activist organization. In the tight fiscal environment of today’s corporate world, there may be insufficient in-house resources for addressing the unexpected challenges while maintaining on-going operations. We offer nationally-recognized professionals with proven track records for addressing unique or unusual challenges associated with the management of NORM issues. A working relationship with NORM Services solves this problem by providing professional services and the security that the work was performed “one way – the right way”.

Confidence, satisfaction and security…these are the basic products that we at NORM Services are proud to offer.

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